Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warning: A kind of whiny rant

What is this on your screen you say? It is Mr.Tinea pellionella! The dreaded clothing moth! I loathe him. He is my true enemy. He is innocent, you say?! Bite your forked tongue! No! No! No! We have been in a war with Mr. T.P. since April. Today was a 3-moth day. Two empty cases; three moths. I'm starting to mark my days by moths and what places we tore up to find them. Today, this meant more hours emptying and turning over bookcases, scraping out cracks between floor moldings and floors with pen knives, and emptying drawers. In some of these areas this was the third visit. My family and I were too tired to complete Audrey's room after unscrewing her book case from the wall and making sure to "squeeze" the spine on each cloth bound book (do you really want to know?). The positive thing is, is Audrey's room is much more dust free and I threw away medicines from 1997...but what I want to know is... WILL IT EVER END?! I'm trying to trust the process, but meanwhile my garden sits, my homeschooling stalls, I'm not having nearly as much fun as I'd like to, and frankly I am a wee bit crabby. I have to believe, I must believe, I REFUSE NOT to believe anything other than we are WELL ahead of the little monsters. I wanted to post the picture from the first day we found the moths. It was of the electrical outlet stuffed full of caterpillars and cases...but I couldn't find it. It's probably better that way, since it would just freak you out and piss me off.
Don't get me wrong, I love my life and my family and am deeply grateful for how incredibly blessed I am--but am just tired of the little buggers. Sorry for the whining, but I did warn you!