Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Juice cleanse/fast 2013

I got to test out Sissie #1's GreenStar juicer!!! I have to say first and foremost that it masticated greens and hard vegetables like a pro! And had the driest pulp I have ever seen from the many juicers I have ever tried! But... it was an evil beast to clean. It like all juicers did not take kindly to soft veggie/fruits.  So right there we know it is crushing all the possible juice from the hard stuff :)
I currently have been using the centrifugal Omega Mega mouth, it is damn fast, and strong, make sure you are holding it when you first turn it on as it kicks with the power on the upstart, it also is very very loud... it also makes the whole process faster because you do not have to cut up your produce very small, but it makes frothy, pulpy juice and will spooge a mess from under the lovely stainless steel basket and screen if you do too much soft stuff and do not clean it out occasioanally as you go, and the screen is a pain to clean but aren't they all? But to its defense I also need to add that I make giant batches of juice, probably more than the normal person may make. You have to make sure the basket/screen is sparkling clean as if old pulp dries in there it will not work very efficiently. So after using this one for a few months we are going to go back to the Omega 8006 masticating style, it is obviously slower than a centrifuge but it has way less pulpy, frothy, juice. Also the Omega 8006 is really EASY to clean, it is a single auger style. It still doesn't like soft produce but I can live with this fact. I also love the sound of this machine, its almost meditative, as it slowly goes munch...crunch...munch.... i love it that it sounds very meditative, like a cow eating grass :) It is not a efficient as her Green Star, but it is slightly less expensive and very easy to clean. Here is my 2012 blog post about the Omega 8006 :)
Currently I am (and Mr. B are) on day 9 of a Spring juice cleansing. Mr. B is doing so great and I am so proud of him! The first 3 days were quite difficult with wanting to pop something with texture into my mouth was excrutiatingly hard, this was a test of my willpower at its fullest! I will be honest and say that if Mr. B was eating food I would not of been able to juice fast. The temptation would've been to great. But as time goes on and in the fall when it comes time to do this again, I imagine it will just get easier and easier and with practice and I'm sure it wont even be an issue in the future. Kind of like the what my doctor said to me about smoking once, "don't think of It as failing to quit, think of it as practice quitting!" I do not know how, but after I heard that long ago it made it so much easier not feeling like a failure and thought of it as practicing and feeling what it felt like to go through those cravings and habits.  And this corelation is true fro me with this cleanse, I am seeing what my comfort foods are and am noticing the times and triggers when I want to eat even though you I am not hungry, hmmm it’s very interesting seeing these patterns. 

Last night I actually dreamt I mistakenly had eaten a cookie, oopsy! It was kind of funny when I woke I had to giggle at my cookie eating antics.
My words that keep me on the cleanse are, "this is only a very teeny-tiny block of time in my life, it is an opportunity for me to find out if i have any food allergies to alleviate some physical ailments, it is also flushing out my system of toxins...its only a small block of time with alot of benefit. SO what if I cannot "eat", I am not going to die that's for sure!"

It is really just emotionally uncomfortable, (ok and don't forget you have to pee alot!) I have not really physically been hungry, but that emotional uncomfortableness is there and this gives me another opportunity to look at why and how I make the food choices I do, it is very interesting, so I feel I am gaining insight into some of my emotional food issues which is also a bonus! I am finding when I think of grabbing a snack, it isn't an apple or vegetable. It is something processed. Instant gratification, fast, easy, salty, fatty.... yes it is making sense now the intentionally made addictive qualities of processed foods. But generally in my household and (definitely my family) we eat consciously and mainly lots of fresh organic produce. It is just interesting that when I am fasting that my fantasy pop-up thoughts immediately go to eating crap!? I was aiming for 10 days but may go longer now as I am starting to get a bit itchy and I don't think I am done getting some yuckies out yet, but I am starting to plan and able to change those thought of grabbing a cookie into grabbing a juice, a fresh veggie or fruit (did i say fruit!?) I am also looking forward to starting to want to be creative with cooking food and maybe even some healthy treats. So I have noticed that this is making me able to change my thinking, I actually want to make an effort to have meal plans so I don't panic when I am hungry and make those bad instant gratification choices, to take the time to care about my body, family and life. This may be the key for us to eating alot better. Having a plan vs. last minuting something together because we are tired and it is late.... Its all becoming a little clearer and feels alot more do-able :)

I have decided to juice fast because of many reasons. First and foremost is that I honestly physically and mentally feel like crap most of the time. I have juice fasted before and had very uplifting positive results, its just very hard to “start” one, but like quitting smoking, “practice, practice, practice!“ Another being my persistent eczema problems (possible food allergy). I have been playing with having a plant based diet for over a year now (after seeing Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and many other movies and research) but have now just decided to commit which I am very excited about! I am having new found determination and motivation to change my lifestyle, I am very excited to dive in and have new exciting food adventures. I also have current dental work happening and a lot more in my near future to come (heavy metal detoxing a must!), and lastly to lose a few unnecessary pounds to relieve pressure on my worsening aching joints. I am hoping that this will be a catalyst for cleaning up the toxins in my body and things in my life and will help me to have more mental clarity to focus on what is really important for my health, mental well-being and my family. I am feeling my mortality. One door opens the next door and so on….

“other happenings”

*During this time, sweet ebi had to go to the vet as her anal gland/sac had ruptured (just like Winty's rupture a few years back)
this just confirms I have to take them in minimum every 3 months, sigh. my fault for slacking off, lesson learned :( I am so sorry Ebbs...

*I have slacked off making my Brooches for the BAD 2013 project, I am 9 days behind. I am not sure why I hadn’t made the time to make them, it must be the fast, but yesterday finally I was able to start again and got 4 made. I have a sneaking feeling all my energy was going into making juice and keeping my sanity this week. But I am feeling grounded now and will be all caught up probably by tomorrow.

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*This year I have started volunteering for a non-profit organization that helps families in need. It has been amazingly rewarding and am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved. Thank you Sissie #3 for introducing me to the program!

Ok over and out for now, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!