Friday, July 20, 2012

Omega 8006 Juicer

Ok, so researching centrifugal vs. masticating style juicers was very informative. It really depends on your needs; time, health requirements, versatility, space, clean-up time, loudness etc.
I found that you can find good/bad opinions and reviews on EVERY product testing comparison video out there.
That  being said, I picked this one up from BedBath&Beyond last night, I wasn't intending to buy one but after I talked to an employee there, Tyler told me that there return policy was "off the hook!" (*note Tyler was adorable) He told me for any reason and any length of time that I could bring it back(he said I didn't even have to clean it for 10 yrs, hahaha too funny,  if I decided I didn't like it. Well, I was sold. And I was able to use one of there (never expiring) 20% coupons which took a lovely chunk off the retail price. So I feel like I can test this puppy out for awhile and see if we like it. Its a bit of an investment but another positive thing about the Omega brand is their Warranties! This one has a 15 year warranty, which makes me feel like they are very confident about believing in their own products.
This unit is also pretty small compared to other masticators. This juicer was easy to clean to my standards, I like the sound of it crunching slowly away, it sounds like a happy cow munching away on its dinner. It was AMAZING with the dinosaur Kale, yayayay! Cukes, Carrots, Celery, Apple, were totally fine. But ok, honestly it mushed the crap outta the Tomato, you might as well just use a blender for the softer veggies/fruits into a smoothie, just take the juice you make and pop it into the blender with  your soft veggie/fruits and make a smoothie-juice concoction. Ive done it with avocado and almond milk and it was delicious, but alot to wash with the blender and juicer but it's well worth it!
Oh also you can make nut butters, sorbets and pasta with this thing!? This could get interesting...And now I am also envisioning someone designing one of these to look like a cow, I would definately buy one!

I loaded up a video below so you can hear it munching :)
Happy Juicing!!!

Comparison test #1
Sissies 1 & 3 ran 1/4lb. of russian red baby kale each in their juicers, one being a Greenstar dual auger masticating type, the other was a Juiceman centrifugal type and I now just ran it through my Omega... We used the same kale from the same garden and the same scale to weigh it. We just wanted to see if there would be a yield difference.
Results were.....THE SAME, no difference in yield!

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  1. If it is the same volume of juice, why is the Omega mega mouth pulp so much more wet? I am still agonizing whether to get the chewing juicer, but it is so slow I think I may die of impatience...or hunger. I do like the easier clean up. I wonder if I just buy a huge masticator I'd be happy?!