Monday, July 9, 2012

Yummus Hummus!

Yummus Hummus
Hi I am TakaSissie #4 of 4. First I must confess I am not a chefanista, nor will I ever pretend to be. I would classify myself as more of an experimenter as I was never taught how so I will usually try things because I do not know any better. And most often it sucks kinda bad like my most recent Death Metal juice, but sometimes I can get lucky.  I will share with you the ones that are truly funny and successful to me. Now my sissies may have a whole other opinion about my blendings, ha ha ha, hopefully they will be gentle on me in public!

Sprouted Garbanzo beans (2.5 sprouted cups)
Avocado (1)
Cilantro (1 bunch)
Lemon (2 small)
Scape (1 peeled small elephant garlic flower stem)
4 Garlic cloves
Tahini (2-3 T.)
EVOO (2-4 T.)
Water (1-2 c.)
Dry ingredients-to taste:
Sea Salt

I started with the ingredient list from this link, in this recipe they blanched the Garbanzos, which makes good sense to me as otherwise the texture would be very grain-esquey. I think blanching helped the overall texture to make it soft and silkier? But I wouldn't actually know this as a fact as I haven't made it "raw-unblanched" yet.
*Next time I will try adding 1/2 jalapeno for the green kick, more lemon, zuchinni, and maybe another clove of G. (If it is still scape season I will try more scape's and less garlic just because I could!) Also I will be learning how to make bread soon from Sissie #3, then I will be making a Kalamata Olive bread hopefully for this Yummus, oh my!

So here is my latest experiment, if you try it I hope you like it! And if you have fun mods I'd love to hear them too, yum!

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