Thursday, February 4, 2010

wheat free, dairy free, but not taste free, sweet potato muffins

To my delight, I found a great deal in the overstock bin at Fred Meyer of canned organic sweet potato and pumpkin. I put the sweet potato to work yesterday, and the results were delish. I will post recipe if anyone is interested. I discovered when the recipe says, "don't overmix", they need to add for people like me, "but don't undermix, either" because some of them oozed.

I used soymilk with apple vinegar as a substitute for buttermilk and coconut milk for the whole milk with great results. I used spelt flour so it is wheat-free and ever so tender, but not gluten free. Only a few looked like a volcanic eruption, the rest looked lovely, like this:


  1. Yes, recipe please. Also, maybe start a gluten-free or wheat-free series. That would be so cool. :O)