Monday, March 15, 2010

Thrifty joy!

I said to Don, with this post, my sisters are going to think I'm more "nuts" than they already do! Oh well, welcome to my little world. I wanted to find a way to donate more to the food bank and not go out of my budget. It is also a less painful way to keep a few extra of the items you use a lot of.

I went to Albertsons and saved $9.64 shopping sales and using coupons and spent $6.63
I went to Walgreens and saved $24.73, and spent $7
I went to Fred Meyer and saved at least $20 and purchased everything on sale--there are a lot of good deals on organics and in natural foods right now. I got the brand of packaged Indian dinners that Aji loves for $2/ea vs the usual nearly $4/ea.
Audrey also got her favorite Coconut Milk Ice Cream - Purely Decadent on sale and with a coupon for $2.00. The regular price $5.49?

It is not hard. It is not actually that time consuming. I found a good coupon site called the discount queens. I compared them to many others. If you find one good site, it is not really necessary to use any others because they are all blogging the same deals.
If it seems too good to be true and wonder if it is "ok" to do, the store accepts this method of couponing because the manufacturer pays them too. It is like the "loss leaders" they use in the weekly flyers. They take the loss to get you into the store. It is a free sample. (The organic shampoo was an amazing free sample!) Everyone is happy you are getting their product and hope that you are so happy you will get some more! I got a dark chocolate Reese's p-cup regular price of 89cents on sale for 49cents and used a 55cent manufacturer coupon. My total sale got credited the 6cents and I got a free candy bar.

Here are 2 of my highlight buys I think might interest you...

A new item at Walgreens. This was FREE. It has a "peelie" on it: A coupon attached to the item. This was a buy one ($7) and get one free, EXCEPT, there is a rebate for the entire cost for each item. FREE Organic shampoo and all I'm out is an envelope, stamp and 3 minutes.
Donnie likes his sandwiches wrapped in wax paper. Its a thing. This roll normally costs $1.99 at Walgreens. This weeks flyer (you can get the flyer at the store) it was 89 cents. The limit is 3 for the shopping trip. They have no problem you picking up another coupon if you come in again during the coupon expiration date (Walgreen's coupons are for 1 week).


  1. you are awesome :)
    even if you are nutty as a peanut.

    so, you forgot to tell us how it benefits/correlates to the food bank donation?
    or did i miss that part somehow, hmmm....

  2. I have filled a bag full of groceries for a few bucks!