Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 foodie posts in 1 day--Bonus!

This is my new favorite convenience food!! Kiyomi says, its delicious.(I'm so excited, I'm beside myself) It is packed with salty porky smoky Southern green goodness! I had this same flavor greens at the Nashville airport in a little local shop. You can get it at Albertson's (at least mine in Lake Forest Park) and its the huge 27oz can. It costs 3.25/can, BUT if you visit their website at you can print yourself a 90cent off coupon. You can use as many coupons as you buy product (you don't have to give your email, or anything to get the coupon). Sweeeeeeet!

They have Turnip, Collard, Mustard greens and their website shows even more varieties!


  1. Greens, glorious greens. Yum I am going to have to get some for winter. :O)

  2. ha! i got 5 cans :)

    mixed greens
    collard greens
    mustard greens
    spinach greens
    turnip greens

    cant wait to pop one of these puppies open!