Thursday, December 20, 2012

"B" is for Brussel sprouts!

"B" is for Brussel sprouts!
ok my new favorite way to make them is extra crispy!
I cut the bottoms off and take all the loose leaves I can off and toss in a bowl, and then I slice some more off of the bottom and take more loose leaves off, keep doing this until it gets to the size of a marble, and then toss it in the bowl with the leaves. It's alot of work, but well worth it if you like the crispy bits :)
I tossed in EVOO, sea salt, lots of black pepper, and garlic powder.
Baked for over an hour+ @350+, just keep checking and tossing them around every 15 minutes to try and get them to cook kinda evenly.
Happy Crisping!

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