Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the Beautiful Bounty

Kiyo's Kurly Kale patch
Don't you just want to dive in there and roll around in there naked with a fork in hand!? Ok well maybe I don't either thinking about all the little critters hiding in the shadows, but it would be a funny image at the very least!

#3's clan also shares their beautiful fresh chicken eggs with us, they're definitely more fresh & tasty than any store bought egg ever! And in every carton little A packs in at least 2 pretty green-blue gems!

Their Americana's lay the green-blue eggs! 
(3rd one back from the front)

We have enjoyed much of their labors this summer and feel so lucky they can spare enough to share with us. I just wanted to say thanks to my #3 !

My front garden boxes were thrown in the ground at the last possible minute this year, we shoved in some starts & seeds and crossed our fingers, the soil has turned out to be more sand than soil and not so good for the plants, they are small and kinda tough and dry. Ha, I really should've listened closer to #3 and mixed the compost in correctly instead of also not putting it where she told me to, oopsy! :)  But! If I didn't make mistakes then I wouldn't be learning such cool lessons, so we will get new organic compost, do it correctly and start fresh for next year! So above are what my tiny urban boxes looked like this year. I also would love a long big box for flowers, hmmm.... wonder what to try next year!?
my container gardening
(shiso & elephant garlic)
first 4 harvested and they're beautiful!
(#3, I will put some aside so you can plant or eat them)

 "Love you!"


  1. Wow, we eat A LOT of kale!! Haha. Brace yourself...collards are coming!

  2. Kale salad, kale soup, kale stirfry, kale kale kale! Looks so beautiful. :)

  3. You should see them now...They are a bit droopy and full of aphids, but as soon as the weather is consistently cool and hopefully we still have some sunny afternoons they will come back full force and sweetened from the cool nights! I love my kale. I have lots and lots of beautiful Shiso if anyone wants!