Sunday, August 5, 2012

vegan fish sticks... FAIL :(

pretty but not so tasty :(

Ok so its all my own fault it didn't taste great as I did not follow Jolinda Hackett's  recipe very closely (to say the least) and I make a yucky-yuck. And really, it wasn't horrrrible, just not crispy or chewy savory or what I wanted. Maybe I could've baked it longer.....? or maybe it was the lemon pepper.... or (blush) maybe me using almond milk instead of soy milk, or, the fake lemon juice I wanted to use up instead of being to lazy to get one out and squeeze it, or maybe its the bagel chips I subbed for breadcrumbs!? or maybe its because I didn't follow the darn directions at all!? me so bad...

I feel there is alot of potential here, but I am going to have to ask my Sissies for help on this one! Sissie #1 made this fantastic mock eel? the other day, wow. wow. WOW!...... I mean it was so fantastic that you just wanted to sit and eat the whole batch in one sitting. The texture was perfect almost like a fried clam but obviously not as chewy, and the flavor was slightly sweet and salty. One downside is I think she fried them in oil, hee hee, which of course made them sinfully good. I will check with her and see if she can share her recipe with us!

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