Saturday, August 4, 2012

vegan coconut curry

 delish, fast & easy!


thursday 8.02.12
This was really easy, even I could manage this one! Instead of chicken, I subbed canned wheat glutens (mock abalone) and they do not whatsoever taste like abalone, just delicious little tender textures!? I also did not add any sugar as the glutens are a tiny bit sweetend already. oh, I also used fresh thai basil and shiso, the shiso was really good in it! The thai basil is from a tiny sprig of it I had taken home from a restaurant from fathers day, and stuck it in a glass of water, it rooted so I planted it outside and this was the first pickings from the plant :)
easy recipe found from here !

organic brown jasmine rice
glutens (chick sub)
stewed dice toms
red bell
coconut milk
curry powder
fathers day thai basil
(I didn't use tomato paste, mushrooms or chicken)

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