Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's not about balance.

Yesterday I spent 5-6 hours helping host our Open House at Amrita. It was exhausting. I was dreading it because I do not like raw social contact. But I rolled up my sleeves and I girded my loins (so to speak) and plunged in because it had to be done. This meet/greet stuff sure doesn't come naturally. At the end of the 4 hours, I felt squeezed out like a sponge. Although it was exhausting it was fulfilling. People came who read about us in the newspaper or on the internet. Probably at least 50 people wandered through. Our goal was to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood and I think we accomplished that.

It is strange for me to be back into this area, having spent so many years(!) in Edmonds going to the EHRC. Because the drive is so familiar it doesn't seem long or a burden. I am coming up here more often then when the office was 7 mins away. weird.


  1. what is Open House at Amrita?
    what is EHRC?
    good, you can visit me then ;)
    since ur up here so often.

  2. You are definitely not an extrovert!

  3. Amrita is that buddhist center that I belong to. EHRC is Edmonds Homeschool Resource Center that C used to go to and Aj still does. Yes we can meet up. :O)