Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tofu Jerks

So this is by special request, for Victoria.

I pressed fresh tofu so I can slice it very thin as possible, probably -1/8"?
I marinated it in an Asiany flavor, um, actually left over salad dressing. It had ginger, garlic, shoyu, honey and such in it. It turned out to be quite Teriyaki, but it can have any flavor you like of course.
Then I dehydrated it for a couple of hours, BUT now I realize this is not necessary if you have pressed it well.
This is getting easier as we go here...
Then I fried it in my cast iron on low for about 20minutes on one side and 20 minutes on the other. Kind of a long time to hang around the pan, but I was busy making other stuff so it was easy. It gets tougher and chewier after you take it off the heat.

Easy breezy, Vic. Shopping snacks!