Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project RAD

Starting January first, I have joined a project called Ring-a-Day. Hosted by Nina Dinoff.  The challenge is to make one ring a day for the next 365 days, yes, for one entire year.  I have chosen to willingly participate just to torture myself basically. I am trying to force myself to walk into my studio and "get to work." So far I have made it to day 18 successfully, everyday it is bringing up new emotions and feelings that are helping me understand myself a little more.
A personal goal for me is to not just put a hole into something and jab my finger into it. I am trying to fabricate something everyday. I DO however know that there will be those special days where it will be unavoidable, and this is the hard part for me to just let go and not have it torture me to do so and just be proud I made it through another day. Because it is "one day at a time" for me! Wish me luck on my new journey! Also if you want to see all 180 global participants rings' on the flickr photo pool "here."
Oh yes, ANd also Season 7 Project Runway Jewelry Challenge has begun! ok, I really must get off the computer and "get to work!"
*note: I will not be posting anymore of my jewlry projects here, but if you are interested in what I am up to you can go to my "experimetal blog" which is specifically for that purpose :) thanks!


  1. Your creativity is inspiring. It makes me want to make things which these days translates to spinning and knitting. But I can feel the sewing urge rising with the daffodils. How weird is that. :O)

  2. its catchy :)
    Im glad I can fuel your fire.